Antje Rosemann

Honiglicht Ceramics

Next Sale Date: Dec/01/2022 

Handbuilt ceramic fairy homes and sea shell houses from Germany.
Indoor decorations!
Use it with candles or lightstrings.

How to buy?

As a small business owner and one-woman show, I just never succeed in making enough ceramic lantern houses to meet the great demand. Since I do not run „Honiglicht“ full-time, the time I have left for my craft is limited.

I am so grateful for the enormous response and popularity of my work!
Unfortunately this means that I can no longer accept specific requests, custom orders, pre-orders or commission.

Therefore I have fixed sale dates in my shop.
The shop is made for German audience, but I am also shipping worldwide.
You can use a translation tool or app for your help.

I upload all items at the same time – at 6 pm CET (Berlin timezone).
Please understand that particularly popular houses can then be gone within a few minutes.
Only one item can be put in the cart.

For a preview of the houses that will be available at the next sale, feel free to follow me on Facebook, or check out the gallery below. 

Between sale dates there are always auctions on Ebay.


New Houses

These are the items available on Dec 01. 2022
The gallery will be constantly expanded and updated until the sales date.

Gallery December 01. 2022

Honiglicht online

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Save the date

Sale dates 2022

01. January (Winter + Maritim)
01. April (Spring + Easter)
01. June (Summer + Maritim)
22. October (Fall + Halloween) 
01. December (Winter + Christmas)

in between auctions on Ebay

Fairy Homes


Current auction

Fairy House

I start a new auction on Ebay once or twice a month.

Each auction starts at € 1.-
Shipping worldwide.
The auctions can also be found on eBay pages in other languages and currencies. If your home country has its own ebay, just add /usr/honiglicht  to find me. And perhaps consider to put me on your list of favorite sellers there so you will be updated about new auctions. 


Life is better at the beach

More than fairies


When I find the time, I like to do some classic sculpting with clay.
Have a look at some of my sculpture if you like.
BUT BEWARE! … they might be a bit scary sometimes.